Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Zoe Jennison I am 24, living in the beautiful land of Kernow! (Cornwall, England) I love my home, I’m surrounded by stunning countryside, and beaches everywhere! It’s also home to some seriously amazing food, including the Cornish pasty! I am passionate about food, and using local foods is important to me, I like knowing where my food comes from! I will be bringing you all kinds of recipes to hopefully cater to all, sweet & savoury, from light, healthy foods and even vegan dishes! And those dirty greasy burgers, & guilty pleasures that we all love to enjoy from time to time, whether we like to admit how much we do or not! 😉 I’ve always been very creative, artsy and anything hands on! I will be creating a whole ray of different projects with crafts, DIY, upcycling and much more. My 6 year old son is definitely a chip off the old block and loves to cook, & will be getting creative with me with projects hopefully your little ones can get involved with too!

Thanks for checking out my page, and hopefully you like what you’ll see, give me a comment or a like I’d be thrilled to hear from you, and see some regular faces on here! 🙂

Zoe x