Heres my panko scotch eggs, a little different to your typical scotch egg, but better I think! They are delicious hot or cold. Perfect for summer picnics or lunch boxes!fullsizeoutput_13f4_Fotor

There’s just something about these simple, yet incredibly delicious treats that just send my family into a frenzy and they all pile in to get one! They are so simple to make and only require a small amount of ingredients, the ingredient that make these a little extra special, is panko breadcrumbs they are Japanese, all white bread with no crust. They are very textured, not uniform tiny golden balls, like your usual breadcrumbs. Witch is why they are perfect for this recipe, they give the most delicious crunchy crust to them that ordinary breadcrumbs just don’t measure up to. My other twist is to use a mixture of sausage meat and a lovely flavoured sausage of your choice, in this recipe I used a really tasty pork and leek, using only a few sausages gives the finished dish a hint of flavour instead of that being the main flavour and overpowering everything else. You can really get creative, and adapt this recipe to your particular taste! If you have a really good local butchers like mine their will be plenty to choose from! I have used a garlic sausage that works beautifully, sun-dried tomato sausage, or a chilli sausage to give them a little fiery kick! I just pick up whatever sounds good on that day!



Start off with the eggs, place you eggs into a medium sized pot and fill with cold water until the eggs are just covered, bring the water to a rolling boil turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Let sit for 5 minutes for a just set yolk but still very creamy, give or take on the time depending on how you like your eggs! This recipe works really well for soft boiled eggs too. Once the time is up remove the lid, and run under the cold tap for another 5 minutes to cool completely. Peeling your eggs can be a task, if you give them a couple of taps to crack the shell pop them back into the water for a few minutes, the water seeps in under the shell and makes them a doodle to peel every time, peeling them in the water makes it easier and less mess too! In a large mixing bowl, slice and peel the casing off your sausages add the sausage meat, cracked black pepper and a pinch of salt not too much because we season every step so it can be easy to over salt this recipe. Get your hands in and combine them very well, only your hands will do a spoon or spatula will not do the same job! Dampen your hands with a little water, and form a patty of the sausage mixture, not too thick or it won’t cook. Pop the egg in the centre, and mould the patty around the egg using a touch of water again can help if it’s getting too sticky. Collage_Fotorhh
Once you’ve moulded all of your eggs, assemble your breading station, flour, egg and milk, and your breadcrumbs. Add salt and pepper to all 3 stations, and combine! Use one fork, and whisk the dry ingredients first, then the egg, less mess! Dip your egg sausage ball into the flour and coat evenly, then the same in the egg, then the breadcrumbs I like to coat it all then press in the breadcrumbs a little then roll again because it exposed more egg so extra breadcrumb coverage = extra crispness! Repeat for all of your eggs, and you’re ready for frying!Collage_Fotoruu If you have a fryer, use that! I don’t because if I did I would eat far too much fried food! 🙈 If you don’t then use a medium to large heavy bottom pot and fill about half way with your oil, heat up on a medium-high flame for 5-8 minutes or until its glistening but not smoking! Can test with a piece of breadcrumb if it sizzles and floats instantly your ready to go, fry your eggs 2 at a time, pop them in gently one at a time with a slotted spoon for 5-6 minutes when crispy and a deep golden brown, drain on a few layers of kitchen paper and you’re ready to enjoy these savoury little treats, they taste delicious hot or cold!











if you try these please let me know in the comments, or follow me Instagram and tag me! Thank you 😊



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