IMG_6272_FotorCan we just take a moment to appreciate how ADORABLE these are? šŸ˜

Moving on, I kinda went for a his & hers sorta vibe, but I’m not really sure why because my partner doesn’t have a moustache, but none the less I thought they paired well together. These plant pots could be used for anything your imagination can think of! Any kind of plant, makeup brushes, stationary anything! For the decorating of the pots, only requires a handful of stuff, and if you’re already artsy, crafty kinda person you probably already have most of the stuff on hand, and these terra cotta plant pots were 69p each, so it’s super inexpensive! These would make such a cute gift for your favourite couple, or just keep them all for yourself because look at them, I couldn’t give them away, too damn cute. I also go into basics of planting cactus/succulents I am honestly no expert on plants, and nor do I pretend to be! If I’m being totally honest, most plants I’ve owned have died until recent years! But cactus/succulents are a good place to start because they don’t require much water or care.









Simply start by painting the entire pot white, on the first layer I painted the inside, wasn’t until after I realised it won’t be seen so if you’re planting stuff in yours, don’t be a wolly like me and paint the inside, or you can if you want, or if you’re not using these for planting. I did paint towards the top on the inside that could possibly be on show, ya know. Mine required 3 coats, but I used a really inexpensive acrylic paint, so give or take on the layers depending on your brand of paint. They usually take around an hour to dry each layer, but I’m impatient and whipped the hair dryer out and put it on the cool setting and boom, their dry in 5/10 minutes!

Collage_Fotor111Once you’ve achieved a solid white colour, and it’s dry, you can sketch out your cute little faces! Take your time, I sketched mine with a pencil first so if I did make any mistakes it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and would be easily covered up, but if you go straight in with black paint it would be a nightmare to get off, or it would take a few layers of white to cover it, and it would just be a horrible mess, but do what you will if you’ve got the steady hand, and confidence, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya! And thats it for the decoration of the pots, and if you’re not planting anything then you’re done!

To plant your cactus/succulent plants in these, you’ll need soil especially for them and horticulture grit, or little stones/rocks you can buy pretty cheaply from your local garden centre. The grit will need to go at the bottom of the pot before the soil, because succulents don’t like a lot of water, and the grit or rocks will help with drainage of any excess water. Then fill your pot nearly full with your soil, but not all the way then make a little well in the middle for the little guy to sit in. When removing your cactus, if yours are really prickly like mine, use a towel to protect your hands, these little spikes will get stuck in your fingers and cause splinters, and they hurt. Trust me. Squeeze the plastic pot they come in gently so you don’t rip the roots away, their very fragile. Pop him into the little well you made, and pack some more soil around him carefully but tightly, leave half an inch or so space around for the grit for the finishing touch, and that my friends is all, as simple as that!Ā Collage_Fotor33333.jpg

You don’t have to be an expert to go down to your local garden centre and pick up some plants, and some pots to get creative with, doing that you can put your own unique spin on things and really make it your own, same as anything around your home! Plus theres nothing more satisfying then somebody coming into your home, and asking ‘Thats so cool, where’d you get it’ and replying, Ā I made it, with pure sass. oh yeah! I hope you’ve enjoyed this suuuuuper cute post, and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to do something similar! I have a video down below with a tutorial on these pots! I’d love it if you could go check out my channel! ā¤ļøIMG_6277_Fotor.jpg


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  1. What a cute idea for spring! xx, Britta & Carli from


    1. Thank you so much Britta & Carli ā¤ļø


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