Collage_Fotor4I think I have a ‘mild’ obsession with painting furniture with chalk paint, because now pretty much all of my wooden furniture in my home has now been painted chalk white. It’s a really good way to give a old piece of furniture some life again, that probably would of been thrown out! Near enough all the wooden furniture I have in my home, has been given to me by friends, family or finding a gem on Facebook for free, or next to nothing! And they all needed some tlc, so with less than £15 worth of stuff but you can get your DIY pants on and do it yourself with some paint, a brush, sand paper and some wax! On my quest to figure out if I could paint furniture that is plywood, with a fake wood finish to it on the internet, nowhere really told me I could so I winged it, & you 100% can paint it using this method without the paint chipping off at a later date!

Starting the process is easy, just give the piece of furniture you’ve deciding on using, a good clean with just a damp cloth, and quickly sand all the surfaces down, doesn’t need to be immaculate just enough to get the top layer of varnish/shine off so the paint has something to adhere to. Once you’ve done this, brush it down and you’re ready to start painting! If you have any parts on the  furniture that you don’t want to paint, the cover it with masking tape. Haven’t got a steady hand and don’t want to get the hinges or draw runners covered in paint? Take them off or cover them with masking tape also. Collage_Fotor3

Next, we paint! A lot of posts say the only way to do it is to have one of those fancy chalk paint brushes, the dense round headed brushes. I’ve never been able to find one where I live, and I am faaaar too impatient to order one off of amazon, when I had all the other implements to start, so I just got a natural bristle brush, there is a picture above with the two style of brushes I use, the wider brush that isn’t dense at all, and quite flimsy gives deeper brush marks, and the denser brush is more seamless with the strokes left behind on the finishes piece. Both work very well, just depends on your preference I guess. I like seeing deep brush strokes on a painted piece of furniture, gives it more character I feel.

Once you’ve finished painting, usually needs two coats, maybe three depending on how dark your wood is. Let each coat dry for at least 30-45 minutes, before continuing to the next step witch is to wax it, seals the paint stops it from chipping and gives it a smoother nicer finish. I just use a microfibre cloth, and no don’t worry the colour doesn’t transfer but saying that I’ve never used a brand new cloth, so maybe use an old one to be safe. Really work the wax into the piece, every corner, nook and cranny! I really love the smell of this stuff, does anybody else? img_5892_fotor

Now comes my favourite part, distressing! Let the wax dry really well, I usually leave it a few hours, but I have left it over night and a few weeks before too haha. Sand all the edges, paying special attention to the corners that would get wear and tear if it was old I guess, well thats the way I look at it. I am lazy, and like things done fast so I used an electric sander, wear a mask because if you don’t you get a crusty painty boogies (tmi? haha) and on a more serious note, it’s probably not good to inhale it either. And once you’re satisfied with how it looks pop your new or old handles back on, and  voilà, you have fresh lovely looking piece of furniture! down below is few items in my house I’ve upcycled. I hope you enjoyed this post, and it gives you some inspiration to go paint that boring cabinet in your living room, or that outdated dining set your nan gave you. If anyone knows of any good tips or tricks, leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear from you, thanks! 🙂Collage_Fotor2



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